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Gidday, I’m Steve – regional manager from the Grochem team. I have over 20 years experience providing technical-focused support and solutions to help you and your customers get the most out of their kiwifruit orchard.

I’ve got an extensive selection of products behind me, and product experience, across disease prevention, pest management, and nutrition, so get in touch with me for effective solutions and product support.

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Kiwifruit Nutrition & Control Application Calendar

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Here for over 26 years

We are proud to be industry leaders in the manufacture and development of range of plant growth regulators for a vast array of crops and conditions. From flower and fruit thinning, to canopy management and tree establishment. Also innovative fruit sizing and ripening products. All backed by comprehensive support and ongoing research and development.

We are a major manufacturer and supplier of key products for organic growers. Providing growers with quality options for the control of a wide range of pests and diseases as well as innovative nutrition. By working with independent research partners and growers, Grochem is able to develop and provide organic products that makes growing organically viable.