Water can make a world of difference in Vanuatu

Without clean water, toilets or hand-washing facilities, going to school can mean getting sick for kids in Vanuatu.
What’s the situation in Vanuatu?

Although Vanuatu may seem like a tropical island paradise, a raft of natural disasters in recent years has wrecked havoc on infrastructure, crops, homes and schools, and families are struggling to cope.

Children in the remote Penama province are some of the most vulnerable in the entire country and they urgently need your help. With the majority of schools in the province not having toilets, a safe water supply or facilities for washing hands, children are falling sick. Diarrhoea, cholera and other water-borne diseases are common here, and these nasty germs often spread like wildfire.
Parents shouldn’t have to make the decision to risk their child’s health in order to give them a life-changing education.

Every pupil. Every school

With your help, we can transform the life of every child in Penama province.

Your gift will help give children safe water to drink at school, provide crucial hand-washing facilities, build toilets for both girls and boys, and improve the overall education of 10,000 disadvantaged children.

This is long term project on a really large scale which will reach 157 pre-schools, primary and secondary schools in the area.
There is no greater life-changing difference you can make for these young lives.