Antifoam ‘A’

Antifoam ‘A’ is an aqueous emulsion of a polydimethylsiloxane fluid for use as an antifoam agent in agricultural spray systems. It is a free flowing ready to use liquid that may be added before or…



Bee-Scent attractant is a liquid formulation containing attractants that can direct honey bees to treated blossoms for improved crop pollination Bee-Scent’s chemistry includes pheromones which…

BioGro Certificates

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Boost-it Plus

Boost-it Plus has been developed as a foliar feed for foliar application to horticultural crops for early and mid season use. It should be used as part of a season long foliar programme and should…


Buff-It is a true buffering agent and not an acidifier. Application of Buff-It to water for use as a spray solution will reduce water pH to acidity more suitable to most agrichemicals.

Calcium 175

A uniquely buffered liquid calcium for boosting calcium levels in apples and the correction of calcium deficiencies in most crops, fruit, and vines. Apples require high levels of calcium to minimize…


A buffered calcium phosphate solution used to increase storage of horticultural crops.   Contains: 135g/L phosphorous, 40g/L of calcium (200g/L free phosphoric acid)


An insecticide for the control of codling moth on apples, pears and leafroller on apples, pears, kiwifruit, grapes and stonefruit (not on cherries) and avocados. Rain-fast, excellent early season…


Protectant Mancozeb fungicide for a range of crops. High quality European produced product. Contains: Mancozeb (750 g/kg) in the form of a water dispersible granule.


Exault is an insect growth regulator that interferes with the moulting process in the young development stages of mealy bug, scale and whitefly. Exault has no effect on adults. The action of exault…