Antifoam ‘A’

Antifoam ‘A’ is an aqueous emulsion of a polydimethylsiloxane fluid for use as an antifoam agent in agricultural spray systems. It is a free flowing ready to use liquid that may be added before or…


A super-spreading organo-silicone surfactant blend, suitable for use with plant protection chemistry, plant growth regulators and plant nutrition products. Contains: Trisiloxane alkoxylate


Lokit is a true buffering agent and not an acidifier. Application of Lokit to water for use as a spray solution will reduce water pH to acidity more suitable to most agrichemicals.

Spray Aid

Spray Aid is a water-soluble, non-ionic spreader-activator for use in improving the effectiveness of foliar-applied plant growth regulators or streptomycin. The addition of spray aid minimises the…


Umbrella is a biodegradable spreader/sticker/rainproofer and sunscreen. Designed to extend the life of various pesticides. It forms a rain fast film which resists weathering and increases wetting on…